"One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."

– Jack Kerouac

I don't write nearly as often as I would like. It's challenging because I want my thoughts elquoently conveyed in as few words as possible. But as I write, I can see the flaws of every sentence. It's something I'll just need more time and practice to get better at doing - once I start doing it more often.

Here are a short collection of a few of the things I did end up managing to finish.

Delight as a Business Strategy

Faces buried in stacks of paper, no one seemed to notice as I walked in and quietly found a seat. It was my first week working at Amazon and we were all meeting to discuss growth, sales and other key metrics.

Surprisingly, almost all of my Amazon Prime team were there including developers, designers, financial staff, and managers.


Willingness to Fail

It was February 2009 and I was attending the quarterly Amazon company wide all-hands meeting. Amazon had just once again posted record holiday numbers and their stock price was sky rocketing. We were all waiting to hear the specifics of how incredible our numbers really were.


Apple TV & Invisible Design

Apple is known for dedicating themselves to solving smaller problems that often go unnoticed.

Examples include how the reversible lightning cable can be connected in any orientation, or how the MagSafe adaptor can save a laptop from being dragged down when the cable is tripped, or how the iPad’s screen comes to life after flipping open the SmartCover.


A Canadian Start-up's Journey Through SXSWi 2013, A Celebration of Innovation

I slammed the door as I got back into my car. The clock read 3:59 p.m. -- exactly when my flight was supposed to leave Buffalo airport.

I had just spent two hours waiting at the American border and as a result missed my flight to Austin for the South By Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSWi).


Similar Signature, Different Stories

Today, Amazon announced its fall line-up with a series of new devices. In each of its product pages, I noticed something curious that I hadn’t seen before.

“Engineered by Amazon” is now included in many of its products’ visual and video marketing. It seems to be Amazon’s new signature for its products.Remind you of something? There’s another company that often does the same thing.


Tech Crunch Interview - Maluuba Is Connecting Users To Their Favorite IoT Devices By Voice

You might remember Maluuba from TechCrunch Disrupt, where the company launched its Personal Assistant app for Android last year, combining voice recognition and natural language processing with search to create a really smart way to easily find the things you want quickly.

If you’ve already forgotten: It’s kind of like Siri, except it works.