"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science."

– Albert Einstein

Through my career I’ve had the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging problems with talented teams full of really great people. I really do feel blessed to have built my design knowledge through unique experiences that forced me to tackle tough problems head on.

The platforms I've worked on include web, mobile and tablet UX but I have also dabbled in wearables. For each, I’ve done aspects of visual and user experience design but all with a focus on interactivity.

The fields of my work include information design, voice interfaces, natural langauge AI, data visualizations, and many others.


Interactive Clustering Visualization

Making a complex clustering algorithm understandable and interactive for users with no data science background

  • #web
  • #data visualization
  • #highcharts-js

Amplitude Interaction Language

Building an interaction language that encourages collaboration using multi-state chart controls

  • #web
  • #design language
  • #querying controls

Maluuba's Homescreen Experience

Crafting an assistant that encourages discoverability for first time users

  • #android
  • #natural language
  • #assistant

Maluuba’s Search Cards

Establishing a distinctive design system for search result cards

  • #android
  • #search
  • #assistant

Digital Watchfaces for Android Wear

Exploring expression on digital wearables through fun and playful watchfaces

  • #android wear
  • #watchfaces
  • #wearables

Deck for iPad

Building a music player that focuses on easy controls and beautiful album artwork

  • #iOS
  • #iPad
  • #music