Digital Watchfaces for Android Wear

Exploring expression on digital wearables through fun and playful watchfaces

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A new platform for expression

I'm fascinated by how people will express their own personal style through wearables. Unlike traditional watches, the possibilities for digital watch faces are of course limitless. How often will people change their digital watch face? Weekly? Daily? Multiple times a day? Will they change their watch face purely for fashion purposes or to express other things such as their mood or personal goals? There will be many answers to questions like these as smart watches become widely adopted - and that's precisely why I started Watchful Design.

Learn by doing

My goal with Watchful Design is to learn by doing. It's a personal exercise for myself to learn about the space by designing and developing interesting and expressive digital watch faces. I've gotten started with a few so far but have plans to develop more in the future as wearables mature.


WearBoy was designed for nostalgic purposes and to pay homage to the Nintendo GameBoy, which for many people were their first mobile device. Download on the Google Play store.

WearBoy for Android Wear: 7-in-1 watch face

Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar, a watch face that features 5 delicious cookies, was designed to experiment with how favourite foods/snacks can be sources of expression. Artwork done by Mehvash Fatima. Download on the Google Play store.

Cookie Jar for Android Wear: 5-in-1 watch face