"It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow.
You have to get bad in order to get good."

– Paula Scher

I'm a very curious person; the type that can get lost in a string of wikipedia articles.

When an interesting idea comes to mind, I very often can't just let it go. Whether I dive into a quick sketch or build a real high fidelity prototype in Keynote or Framer, I'm curious to see how it would feel in real life.

..and then comes the wave of questions my friends, family, and basically anyone I meet have to endure. What do you think of this? How does it feel? In what ways is it worse? If you had a magic wand, how would you change it? And so many more.

They're not all good ideas - in fact most of them aren't great at all. But I've learned a lot of each project or prototype that I wouldn't have with out building it and it's something I continue to enjoy doing.


Improving reachability for the search experience on large screen phones

Reaching the top of a smartphone screen is becoming increasingly difficult. I aim to explore solutions to help ease the issue specifically for the search experience.

  • #framer
  • #android
  • #search

Exploring TV interfaces for reading with Medium for Apple TV

Designed a conceptual interface for reading Medium on the Apple TV and explored various UX navigation patterns. Rather than a write-up, I experimented with a video blog format.

  • #keynote
  • #video blog
  • #apple tv

Animating 3D particles for landing page experience

Put together a landing page animation using three.js to represent the abstract nature of AI

  • #three.js
  • #web
  • #landing pages

Exploring 3D layered parallax icons for Apple TV

Created a set of Apple TV icons to teach myself the design language of the platform

  • #framer
  • #parallax
  • #apple tv

Using motion to compare different design iterations

Playing around with a set of potential Google logos, I experimented with the idea of comparing design iterations using animation

  • #keynote
  • #motion
  • #branding